A new Cooling Tower will be placed on the rooftop of the Waiea Tower. Prior to its installation, condenser water piping will be installed between the mechanical room near the loading dock, across the first floor to the Lobby, and up the Tower to the mechanical room at the rooftop level. The bulk of this work will be in “back-of-house” areas and will have minimal impact on the building’s occupants. There will also be improvements made to the Hot Water System.

Photo 1-1 Temp Crane On Roof
Photo 1-2 Cooling Tower Will Be On Roof
Photo 1-3 Condensate Water Pipes from Roof to Ground Floor
Photo 1-4 Work on Typical Floor for Phase 1
Photo 1-5 Condensate Pipe on Ground Floor
Photo 1-6 Cored Concrete Wall for Pipes
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Repairs to the finishes and waterproofing across the Amenity Deck will begin in February 2021. Landscaping will be removed from planters and decking around pool will be removed. Waterproofing and drains will be repaired, then finishes and landscaping restored. The work will be performed in three main areas: the Fitness/Spa Area, the Pool Area, and the Playground/BBQ Area. The intent is to minimize the period of time when each area is under construction, returning them to use by occupants as soon as possible.  There will be times when the entire Amenity Deck is not accessible by residents.  The intent is to perform the bulk of the work in 2021, with the Playground area and Mauka BBQ area serving as construction staging space until early 2023.

Photo 2-1 Amenity Deck Selective Demo
Photo 2-2 Current Phase with Pool Closed
Photo 2-3 Artificial Turf Removed
Photo 2-4 Pool Decking Removed
Photo 2-5 Planters Carefully Emptied
Photo 2-6 Empty Planters Inspected
Photo 2-7 Planter Waterproofing Defects Identified
Photo 2-8 Leaks Found from L4 to L3 Storage
Photo 2-9 Short Phase with All Closed
Photo 2-10 Long Phase with Post Open
2-11 Amenity Deck
2-12 Amenity Deck
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This is where the bulk of the work in the Waiea Tower occurs. Starting at the upper-most floors and working down through the building, issues within each condo units will be repaired. The Fan Coil Units (FCUs) will be completely replaced.  Sections of window frames and supports will be replaced, addressing loud “banging” noises and seismic movement.  Miscellaneous repairs will be made within walls, above ceilings, and to the hot water system. There is also work on the walls and ceilings in the corridors, elevators, and stairwells. Work on each floor is expected to take four to six weeks to complete, during which time no residents will be allowed in the construction areas.  With Quality Control and Quality Assurance in mind, one unit will be completely repaired as a full in-place mock-up months prior to the rest of the units being repaired.

Photo 3-1 Photo Protection of Unit
Photo 3-2 Photo More Protection of Unit
Photo 3-3 Old FCU Being Removed
Photo 3-4 Existing Fan Coil Units Wiring and Piping to be Corrected Too
Photo 3-5 Existing Fan Coil Units Have Multiple Failures
Photo 3-6 All Feature Wall Clips Measured and Corrected if Gap Too Small
Photo 3-7 New Pressure Balancing Valve at Manifold
Photo 3-8 New FCU Being Installed
Photo 3-9 Feature Wall Clips Checked and Changed as Needed
Photo 3-10 Existing Holes in Walls to be Repaired
Photo 3-11 New Window Walls Tested at Factory
3-12 Protection
3-13 Protection
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